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Why Should Your Business Use SMS/MMS Messaging?

Are SMS/MMS services being used by your company? If not, it's time for this to be considered! It has never been simpler or quicker to involve the clients. For a range of uses, even more, companies now use SMS/MMS messaging systems, along with:

  • Promotions on sales

  • Reminders for Appointment

  • Launches of Commodity

  • Verification of Identity

  • Notifications & warnings

  • Surveys

  • Help for customers

  • Tracking Distribution

  • Ticketing activities

  • Campaign in Marketing

  • Competitions

  • Increase customer retention

  • Develop greater brand loyalty

  • Provide immediate communication

  • Attract new customers

  • Increase overall sales

  • Provide a profitable ROI

And much more!

More powerful than emails; SMS/MMS Messaging!

Have you ever heard that, compared to just 1 in 5 emails, nearly every text message is open? Nearly all text messages are labeled priority messages and are viewed within 3 minutes. With text messages, customers also show higher engagement and response rates! What does that imply? For your business, SMS/MMS messaging has a bright future!

Outbound Text Automation

Automate customer interactions using these SMS tools:

  • Textcasts – Broadcast a text message to a list of customer mobile numbers.

  • Message Templates – Set up automated responses to customer messages.

  • Timetexts – Schedule text messages one at a time, as a series, or as appointment reminders.

Inbound Text Routing

This feature is allowing you to;

  • Much like phone calls, to route customer texts to the queues of agents.

  • To direct calls to the right department or agent, use built-in intelligence.

  • Text queues, frequency, and even individual interactions are tracked.

Marketing of Text Messages Lowers Expenses!

It can be examined in immense detail since SMS is considered as digital content. You can effectively segment your messages, such as operation texts, promotion texts, news-related texts, etc. Every SMS messages sent to your client could then be:

  • Stored In

  • Tracked on

  • Analyzed

  • Measured

This sort of analytical specificity is quite unique, too! This allows the marketing department to see what works and they can easily maximize their milestones, improve messaging until it is tailored to obtain the widest revenue opportunities, and reach higher ROI.

Additional Benefits

  • On missed calls and voicemail messages, prevent wasted time and manpower.

  • Templatize and automate regular updates and responses.

  • Directly distribute discounts and exclusive deals to the customers.

  • Provide immediate and sensitive service to customers that they can rave about.

  • The text allows the basic API to be used by your apps, website, or other applications.

  • Let clients connect by text and phone with their teams.

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