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SMS for Business Communications

SMS has always been one of the most important communication channels since mobile phones are involved in our lives. Informational messages have also become a part of our lives besides personal usage. In addition to all these, SMS marketing is one of the most popular mass communication methods to meet with customers and target audiences that have the potential to turn into customers. In particular, the fact that the SMS is sent to a private number and therefore its content can be customized for a single person creates a very productive opportunity to attract the attention of the recipients. Now it is time to use SMS for business communications.

People tend to use the communication channels they are used to and frequently use. SMS is one of the leading ones. SMS is the communication channel that people use practically in an age where life is largely indexed to smartphones and we spend most of our daily life checking the phones. Research also confirms this fact. According to 2020 SMS research, 85% of consumers prefer texting to phone calls or emails.

Short Message Service (SMS), which consists of text-based messages, and Multimedia Message Service (MMS), which allows images and other media, help you stay in touch with your customers. Using your business phone number to message your customers allows you to chat on their terms. And you can do this while maintaining your professional brand.

The power of being in constant communication with your customers

SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways to inform your customers and target audience. One of the most important ways to use this communication is to announce sales and promotions. You can quickly announce information about your products and services to your customers via SMS. You will make an effective promotion for sales by notifying people of your discounts and campaigns with written messages and visuals. You can even send offers to your based on products or services they've previously shown interest in. So people receive promotions through a communication channel they prefer. Thus their loyalty gets strengthened.

SMS is also one of the most effective ways to manage appointments. By sending reminders and confirmations to your customers via text messages, you can keep them constantly informed and updated. Such updates often also include the date, time and, location details. With text messages, customers can quickly reply to confirm they'll be there or they’ll need rescheduling. It makes it easy to communicate about scheduling. SMS is also a simple way to keep track of completed jobs. You can document onsite visits or deliveries and share updates via a quick text or picture message. Of course, this will also ensure you have stamped updates and avoid any conflicts.

With text or picture messages, you can strengthen your relationships with your customers with personalized content. You can send a message after a sale to ask your customer about their experience, or to offer a discount for their next purchase. You can even ask your customers for candid feedback on how your company is performing. Customers are more likely to come back for more when they feel that companies value them.

The data shows that customers are more likely to respond to a text than an email. Almost any business can use SMS and MMS to improve relationships with their customers. Moreover, you don’t need big investments or expensive systems for this. All you need is a phone number.

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