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10 Reasons to Meet Our SMS Marketing Solutions to Grow your Business

Macropyre provides high quality service to its customers in the field of SMS. Here are 10 reasons for you to work with us in SMS Marketing.

  • The average percentage of users opening SMS is 94% worldwide. This impressive rate is only 20.9% for email marketing. When you compare the two tools, you can see how efficient SMS is.

  • 9o% of the sent SMS is read within 3 minutes after being delivered. What does this mean? It means delivering the message you want to your audience as quickly as possible. Have a short-term discount campaign? SMS is one of the most effective channels to announce it. 9 out of 10 people will learn about your campaign in 3 minutes and this will return to you as sales.

  • The users click on a link (Click Through Rate) in the SMS is 19% and this is 5 times more than a standard email. It's easy to learn by doing A-B testing right away.

  • SMS leaves 10,000 times less carbon footprints than printed ads, but 300 times less than e-mail. Why not add good value to the world we live in while adding value to our business? SMS marketing is one of the best choices for the more efficient use of world resources for the future.

  • If you distribute the coupons for promotion via SMS, you will receive 10 times more than the return you will receive in the written media. This increase will return you as an increase in sales.

  • 75% of users prefer to receive offers via SMS. This means that a large part of your target audience is ready to listen to you in the mobile medium and can evaluate your offers and choose you.

  • 9 out of 10 users prefer to talk through business messaging. One of the first channels that come to mind when it comes to business is SMS.

  • It is estimated that 48.7 million people will choose to receive their business messages as SMS in 2020.

  • Consumers receive an average of 178 SMSs within a month and receive 1,216 emails. Which medium is more intense competition, which is the opportunity, you decide.

  • In an article published in Forbes, 74% of people develop an impression of companies interacting with them via SMS

For the further information about SMS Marketing solutions, you can reach us by our website and social media accounts.

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